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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: EIRMAI Classic Canvas Fabric Shoulder Bag for DSLR

Full Name: EIRMAI EMB-SS05 Classic Canvas Fabric Shoulder Bag for DSLR - Green (Size M)
Webshop: (Deal Extreme)
Price: $52.10 (Free shipping)

Good shoulder bag with a boring color, but a great bag for all kinds of uses. This Eirmai bag is just about the same as the equivalent National Geographic NG Earth Explorer bag. There are only minor differences from an old NG-bag I have, but these differences could also be because this is a much newer bag.The equivalent NG Earth Explorer bag will cost about $20 more than this one, and both are made in China so it's a big chance they both have the same manufacturer.

Apart from the color it looks great. The material is thick and sturdy, it fits a small/medium laptop in addition to a DSLR with some extra equipment. It has a waterproof cover for when it's really raining or snowing, but even without this it is pretty weather resistant. It also have good, padded protection for photo gear. And finally, it is cheaper than the NG Earth Explorer bag even though it is pretty much the same thing.

Not many cons, but the color is boring. But that is easy to change with some fabric dye.

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