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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Cold Shoe Handle Grip

Full name: LED Flash Light Cold Shoe + 1/4" Screw Mount Handle Grip - Black
Webshop: (Deal Extreme)
Price: $7.30 (Free shipping)

Good, solid, plastic handle grip for mics, lights and other equipment.

This one seems to be pretty solid. Plastic, of course, but anyway. Perfect for holdning a mic, flash, a LED light or something like that. It also has a nice 1/4" screw mount underneath the handle to attach it to a tripod or other equipment.

Don't know if it's a con, but the handle is pretty big, bigger than expected. Meaning you don't get a really good grip around it unless you have huge hands. I would also have loved it if it had some kind of rubber on it.

Buy it here

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