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Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Lens Filters Cleaning Pen

Pretty good and quite useful lens cleaning tool to have in your photo bag.

Full name: LP-1 Lens Filters Cleaning Pen - Black
Webshop: (Deal Extreme)
Price: $4.90 (Free shipping)

I guess the price is OK. It has both a soft brush and a leathery plate for cleaning lenses, making it a flexible cleaning tool. Small enough to put in your pocket or in the penholders in your photo bag.

The first thing I noticed was some loose hairs on the brush and then some uncut hairs - meaning they were twice as long. Loose hairs aren't so nice when it comes to optics. Some of the same at the other end, the leathery part gave off some loose "stuff". But after cleaning and trimming both ends of this cleaning tool it seems to be OK. The cap could have had a better locking mechanism to prevent it from going missing.

Buy it here:

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